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Museum of Zamość

Local name: Muzeum Zamojskie

Located in the historic Zamość tenement houses, the museum collects and presents monuments related to the history of the city, covering such departments as archeology, art and ethnography. The permanent exhibitions include a rich collection of works of art, numismatic items, sculptures, documents and antique prints, as well as dozens of other exhibits.

The rich collection that the Zamość Museum collects and presents are monuments from the time of the first Polish kings. For example, you can see coins minted during the time of Władysław Jagiełło, but also study documents from World War II. In the collection of paintings stand out portraits of Polish kings of unknown authors, dating from the eighteenth century.

Military enthusiasts can also see the extensive display of weapons used over almost a thousand years. The Zamość Museum also has an extensive library collection, including a number of publications from the 19th century and modern literature thematically related to Zamość.

In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions, the institution also conducts educational activities, organizes Sunday Museum Meetings and systematically expands its collection.


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