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Bastion VII-Nadszaniec underground tourist route

Local name: Podziemna trasa turystyczna Bastion VII-Nadszaniec

The Underground Tourist Route in Zamość is a trip into the past with the opportunity to explore the city fortifications that are already 250 years old. A half-kilometer walk takes place through the shooting galleries, casemates, the impostor and the bastion VII. An additional attraction are cannons exhibited in the halls, figures of soldiers and showcases with information.

The most interesting monuments that have been preserved after the Zamość fortress include bastion VII and nadcaniec. The bastion located on the eastern, the most threatened side of the city was the strongest, creating the best conditions for defense. In 1810, an earth bullet was created in the bastion's neck. In the nineteenth century, the structure was replaced with a brick one with shooting galleries, which can still be seen today.

The current appearance of the bastion is the result of reconstruction after unearthing the fragments of the walls in the 1980s. The developing Zamość was transformed into a fortress at the end of the 16th century, when the city walls were built. The solidity of the walls can be demonstrated by the fact that they stopped the two-week siege of Khmelnytsky's army in 1648 and the Swedish invasion in 1656. An interesting story is associated with the latter, from which the tradition of the Swedish table originates. When the Swedes proposed to the besieged Zamojski a farewell feast on the city walls, he guessed the trick to put tables outside the walls.



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