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"Zdrój" Fountain

Local name: Fontanna "Zdrój"

The "Zdrój" Fountain is an innovative glass and granite fountain in the Old City. It was build despite numerous protests. Thanks to its unique design, it stands out among monumental buildings. Today, it's one of the hallmarks of the city and popular place among locals. Water in the fountain is non-potable and swimming is prohibited.

The fountain was built in 1996 with the consent of Mayor of Wrocław Bogdan Zdrojewski. Its name "Zdrój" comes from his surname. The construction consists of vertical, glass plates after which water runs down, and the lower stone part. It is also equipped with lighting. The object is under video surveillance 24/7.

The origin of the project is interesting because it was met with strong criticism and opposition of inhabitants, media, conservator, and art historians. Their reluctance was caused by the fountain's modern design which doesn't fit into the monumental atmosphere of the city.

Opponents of the Wrocław's fountain call it "soap dish" or more mockingly "urinal".


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