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number 45 in the city

Mini-brewery Spiż

Local name: Minibrowar Spiż

This ideal place for enthusiasts and connoisseurs of beer gives an opportunity to not only taste the beer but also see how it's made. Thanks to the filtration vats and wort kettle placed in the guest hall, and glass walls with a sight on the complex machinery, guest can observe a process of brewing.

Mini-brewery Spiż is located in the monumental Old Town Hall in Wrocław. It offers six types of unpasteurized beer served in the atmospheric hall. The brewery also sells glass crafts and beer in the original 2-liter bottles available in the local shop. The pub belongs to brewery group Spiż and serves the traditional beer for 20 years according to the 500-year recipe.


Attractions inside

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    Ratusz 250-106 Wrocław , Poland