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Ruins of Świny Castle

Local name: Ruiny Zamku Świny

Świny Castle is one of the oldest Piast defensive structures in Silesia, and also the oldest private castle in Poland. Until modern times, it has been preserved as a vast and very picturesque ruin with an area of almost 5000 m2. The castle rises on a hill in the Bolkowskie Foothills. The ruins can be visited after prior arrangement with the castle key-keeper. It is also worth asking about the possibility of visiting the church of St. Nicholas, which is one of the few facilities of this type in Poland.

In the place of the present castle, the first defensive stronghold was located in the 10th century. A few centuries later, the defensive stronghold turned into a residential castle - the seat of the knightly family of Świnek, from which the saying "Drunk like a pig" is said. There is a vantage point near the ruins, and in the immediate vicinity, Bolków Castle and Lipa Castle.

Supposedly, in 2019, the owner of the Świny Castle obtained a permit for its reconstruction. Therefore, archaeological and conservation works are to start soon. A hotel and restaurant are to be built in the castle.


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