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Gross-Rosen Museum

Local name: Muzeum Gross-Rosen

Gross-Rosen is a German concentration camp that had been operating over the period 1940-45. Currently, it is a museum area where visitors can see remains of old buildings, a cremation furnace, a death wall, a camp gate, an accurately reconstructed prisoner barrack, and a watchtower. In the pavillion built on the site of the former SS casino there is an exhibition of souvenirs, photos, and documents.

There are six thematic exhibitions in the building. The area of ​​the Gross-Rosen camp was taken over and decluttered in 1947. The cornerstone for the monument-mausoleum was also laid and the design of this monument was prepared. The unveiling took place in 1953, after the ashes of prisoners who died in the camp were placed in the mausoleum. The monument was rebuilt twice, and in two built onto wings there is soil from other similar camps.

Since 1963, the building has been put in the National Register of Historic Monuments, thanks to which many repairs and protections were made, and in the years 1978-1982 an exhibition pavillion was built.


Attractions inside

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    Ofiar Gross Rosen 2658-152 Rogoźnica , Poland