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Museum of the Exiles

Local name: Muzeum Przesiedleńców i Wypędzonych

The Museum of the Exiles is located in the renovated, 18th-century house of cobbler. It presents the exposition of souvenirs of former inhabitants of the area: everyday objects, uniforms and weapons from World War II, and family souvenirs. It's divided into several thematical sections such as the cobbler's workshop, rural kitchen, and the cellar where German soldier had been hiding. The museum is a private facility founded by artist Dariusz Miliński.

The most part of the exhibitions are dioramas - scenes depicting everyday life and the times of war made with a use of props, painted backgrounds, old furniture, and natural size mannequins dressed in traditional folk costumes and uniforms from Wolrd War II. They present not only interiors but also out-door scenes such as treasure hunting, haymaking, tillage by oxen, and skiing.

The museum commemorates the exiles - German inhabitants of these lands who were forced to abandon their homes after 1945, and immigrants who were exiled from Kresy and came in their place. The glass-cases exhibits original documents, coins, and archival photographies.



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59-623 Pławna Górna, Poland