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Church of St. Thecla

Local name: Kościół św. Tekli

The church Tekli was mentioned for the first time in 1318. Its original architectural form underwent far-reaching transformations - the modern shape is due to the addition of the faith in 1680 and the general reconstruction from 1781-1782. The temple is a Baroque building with late Baroque and Classicist furnishings from the second half of the 19th century. 18th century

Among the most valuable elements of the temple's equipment are, among others wooden high altar with a baroque painting of St. Tekla and a baroque baptismal font made of sandstone and wood. Above the nave and galleries there is a wooden apparent vault, above the presbytery a vault.

In the year of construction of the church of St. Tekla was also founded a parish in Pławna. However, the beginnings of the village are much earlier - they date back to the 12th century. Its first inhabitants were miners from the Rhineland, Franconia and Thuringia, who were brought to this land by Prince Henry I.



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Droga Wojewódzka 297 59-623 Pławna Dolna, Poland