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Kłóbka Open-Air Museum

Local name: Kujawsko-Dobrzyński Park Etnograficzny

Open-air museum is occupying an area of ​​6 ha exhibition includes 17 objects, among which were collected in three teams pens with Kujawa and one farm with Dobrinland. Besides residential buildings one can also visit the school, an inn, fire station or forge Gromadzka. All buildings are fully equipped. Besides exhibitions at the museum held a regular folklore events, as oczepiny, Matchmaking, Flanged, Garbage żeńcowych shows and daily activities, such as trampling cabbage, big laundry, baking bread, pig slaughtering and the haymaking, enabling better knowledge of the customs and folk traditions Kujawy region. Among the most interesting museum include huts and granaries arcade, where you can see different tools, baskets woven from straw, items related to fisheries, dishes klepkowe. All buildings are an example of rural architecture from the late eighteenth to early nineteenth century. Exposures museum opened to the public July 31, 1993 year. The plans for the museum is to enrich the ethnographic park for the next 40 exhibits.


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    87-840 Kłóbka , Poland