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Salt Mine - underground tourist route

Local name: Kopalnia Soli - podziemna trasa turystyczna

In Kłodawa there is Poland's largest salt mine. It is at the same time the deepest mine of this type in the world. In the corridors at a depth of 600 meters the Underground Tourist Route was laid out. During your visit you can see the Chapel of St. Kinga, the old mining chambers and equipment used by miners.

The salt deposit near Kłodawa was discovered just before the outbreak of World War II. Mine construction began in the 1950s. It is still the largest mining salt mine in Poland. In addition to the production facility there is also the Underground Tourist Route.

It was located 600 meters underground. Mining in the mine is now even deeper, at a depth of 750 meters. It is the lowest located salt mines in the world. Visitors are driving here at a speed of 6 m / s. After seeing the film about the mine begins sightseeing including the chapel of holy Kinga, empty salt chambers and corridors with equipment used by miners. There are also cultural events underground. There is also a spa.


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    Aleje 1000-lecia 262-650 Kłodawa , Poland