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Megaliths Kujawskie Cultural Park

Local name: Megality Kujawskie Park Kulturowy

The Megalithic Tombs in Wietrzychowice, which make up the archaeological reserve, are five monumental earthen mounds, hiding human remains from 3500 BC. They also testify to the possibilities of man from the Stone Age.

The gigantic graves are over 100 m long and up to 3 m high, and the volume of each of them is about 1000 m 3 . All mounds have been secured with boulders, the largest of which weigh up to 7 tons. Due to the size and massiveness of the mounds, they are called the Polish pyramids.

The size of the graves in the skeletal cemetery allow us to imagine the effort and amount of work put into their construction, as well as to protect them from destruction with the passage of time, which is an excellent indication of the importance attached to burying the dead at that time.

An interesting fact is that only the remains of men were discovered in the graves. Similar cemeteries were also discovered in the neighboring Sarnów and Gaj.


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