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Czarny Kocioł Jagniątkowski

Local name: Czarny Kocioł Jagniątkowski

A mildly educated post-glacial boiler. Its upper edge is at an altitude of 1325 m above sea level, and the bottom at an altitude of 1130-1150 m above sea level. The peculiarity of this place is the Wandering Stone - a three-meter boulder that changed its position several times.

A granite rock block with an estimated weight of 1.5 tons, changes its location, e.g. from 1797 to 1810 it moved by 30 meters. The cause is probably snow avalanches moving the boulder. Another attraction of the Black Cauldron is Jaworowa Łąka, named after the age-old sycamore maple growing here.

The Wrzosówka stream originates in the Jagnitkowski Cauldron. In its valley there are frontal and bottom moraines of older stages of glaciation (from 950 m above sea level). The slopes of the boiler are overgrown with typical mountain vegetation, among which is, among others mountain pine, alpine pasque flower and tiny primrose. The entire boiler area is an exact reserve.



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58-500 Jelenia Góra, Poland