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Loreto House

Local name: Dom Loretański

The Loreto House in Gołębie is one of many copies of the house of the Holy Family of Loretto in Italy, where she lived for 30 years. The building on a rectangular plan has two floors and double walls, straight inside and decorative outside.

The façade is decorated with bas-reliefs with images of saints and evangelists, and on the internal walls - beautiful polychromes, most likely painted in the seventeenth century by several masters in small intervals. Decorative elements are also graceful figures of angels. The polychromes were painted over many years ago, and only conservation works in 1985-1986 led to their discovery.

Although the Holy House is understood as the original walls of the house from Loretto, in fact the Loreto House is a religious symbol built on the model of the first Christian temple in which Saint Peter celebrated services, according to beliefs. There are many such constructions in the world, including several in Poland, and unlike Loreto chapels, which are characterized by any architecture, the houses are a faithful reflection of the Loretto buildings.



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