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Rogaland occupies the southwestern patch of Norway and covers a large section of a varied, full of bays and coasts. Its most important attraction is Lysefjord, above which there are Preikestolen and Kjerak, the most famous rock formations in the country.

The capital of the region is Stavanger, a city with over 800 years of history, in which you can see the cathedral from the 12th century and the old town built in the 17th-19th century, called Gamle. There are also two museums here reminding of two branches of the Norwegian industry - herring fishing and oil production.

Tourism in the Rogaland region centers around Lysefjord. You can ride it on a cruise ship or boats and kayaks, or you can choose a scenic route on its shores. There are many hiking trails in the area to admire the beauty of the mountainous landscapes.

Most tourists go to two unusual rock formations. Preikestolen is a rock desktop suspended over 600 m above the water surface, while Kjerak is a huge boulder wedged between the rocks, from which you can admire the Lysefjord.


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