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Nordland is the gateway to northern Norway. It stretches along a long lane from around Trondheim to the Arctic Circle. Its biggest attraction is Lofoten, an archipelago of mountainous islands with traditional fishing villages.

The region has a very harsh climate and landscape. It consists of mountains and mountain plateaus in which short, narrow fjords cut into the coast. The coastal waters are dotted with rocky islets, most of which are inhabited only by sea birds.

Unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes have resulted in five national parks in the region, Junkerdal, Rago, Borgefjell, Moysalen and Saltfjellet-Svartisen.

The capital of the region is Bodø, a small town with modern buildings that is washed by the world's strongest sea current, Saltstraumen. Bodø is increasingly associated with culture and modern crafts due to the artists who come here permanently or seasonally.

Bodø is also a great base to explore Lofoten, the most beautiful Norwegian archipelago from which you can observe the northern lights in winter. Rocky mountains rising above settlements made of red wooden houses, rows of herring drying in the wind and golden beaches are views that can be found in every Norwegian advertising folder.

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