Fairytale forest

Local name: Sprookjesbos

On the surface of 15 ares we will find a lot of interactive characters and buildings known from children's fairy tales and fairy tales by authors such as Hans Christian Andersen, brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault.

The idea of the creation of an enchanted forest was born in 1950, and its authors are RJTh. van der Heijden, Peter Reijnders and Anton Pieck. A group of artists was organized to entrust the creation of the park. It took almost two years to design and build the first ten scenes.

Today, the Fairy Forest consists of 25 scenes - we can enter most attractions, a few are so small that we can only peek through the windows. Some of them refer to specific events from fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood knocking on the door of his grandmother's house. Thanks to the special mysterious atmosphere in the forest, we can easily move into the world of favorite childhood characters: Snow White, Little Mermaid or Rapunzel.


Attractions inside

    Fairytale forest map
    Sibbergrubbe 2a6301 AA Valkenburg aan de Geul , Netherlands