Tax & Customs Museum

Local name: Belasting & Douane Museum

The Rotterdam Tax and Customs Museum tells the story of money from the perspective of customs and tax authorities. The institution was founded in 1937 by the Director of Direct Taxation and the Import and Excise Tax Inspector, prof. Dr. Dr. J. Van der Poel, whose collection can be admired to this day.

The founding idea of director Van der Poel was to educate young students of the State Academy of Taxes who came to the museum to see the difference between tax institutions from the past and present, learn about tax history or learn how money was smuggled. Unfortunately, the museum burned down in 1940 and Van der Poel made every effort to rebuild the collection and the building. In 1949, the Parklaan reopened the facility, which was placed in two historic houses belonging to the Dutch state.



Tax & Customs Museum map
Parklaan 14-163016 BB Rotterdam, Netherlands