Local name: Corpus

Corpus Museum is the world's first interactive museum of human biology. Its opening took place in 2008, and Queen Beatrix participated in the event. The museum's advertising slogan is "Journey through the human body" and this is reflected in the nature of exhibitions that provide education and entertainment.

By entering the Corpus, equipped with an audio guide, we begin our adventure in a human knee - this is where our "journey through the human body" begins, from where the paths lead us towards other parts: lips, intestines, lungs, heart and finally to the brain. During the journey, you go through mobile platforms, 3D glasses are used to see how the various elements of our biological system work. Along the way, we can see, hear and experience everything that has educational value.

The Corpus attracts tourists with its originality - not only the theme of the exhibitions, but also the external appearance, because the building element is a 35-meter high human body model. The museum itself consists of eight floors and cost about 20 million euros.



Corpus map
Willem Einthovenstraat 12342 BH Oegstgeest, Netherlands