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National Bicycle Museum Velorama

Local name: Nationaal Fietsmuseum Velorama

The Velorama National Bicycle Museum is located in Nijmegen, the oldest Dutch city. The institution is housed in a historic building at Waalkade, which was once part of the fortifications of this historic village. In the museum collection we will find a whole range of bikes, ranging from antique models to modern city bikes.

The founder of the museum was GJ Moed, who got his first collector's bike in 1969. From then on, Moed's collection expanded to reach 200 in the 1980s. It was decided to find a place for a large collection. The historic building in Waalkade was renovated and converted, and the museum was officially opened in 1981.

In the museum we will see the oldest balance bike, a collection of two, three or even four-wheeled vehicles that have been restored in the museum studio, as well as examples of bicycle accessories, posters and photos.



National Bicycle Museum Velorama map
Waalkade 1076511 XR Nijmegen, Netherlands