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Leiden American Pilgrim Museum

Local name: Leiden American Pilgrim Museum

The American Pilgrim Museum is located in the Dutch city of Leiden. Inside you will find exhibitions dedicated to pilgrim fathers - religious refugees whose journey has permanently entered the pages of history. The museum in their honor is located in a building at Beschuitsteeg Street, whose creation dates back to the 14th century.

In the museum we will hear a story about a group of puritans who fled from England to Amsterdam in 1608, and a year later settled in Leiden. Here they spent 12 to 20 years of their lives and then their famous emigration began. 102 Puritans arrived in New England on the Mayflower ship on November 21, 1620. Their first crop festival in the Plymouth colony was recognized as the beginning of the annual Thanksgiving in the United States.

In the museum we will hear stories about the life of pilgrims in Leiden and a story about the building itself where the institution is located. The exhibition presents a collection of furniture, books and other items related to puritans.



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Beschuitsteeg 92312 JT Leiden, Netherlands