#12  Haarlem

NZH Transport Museum

Local name: NZH Vervoer Museum

The mission of the institution opened in 1996 is to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of Kennemerland, a coastal region in northwestern Holland. The museum is located in a historic bus depot from 1899. Visitors will see historical trams and buses here and hear stories related to transport in this corner of the Netherlands.

The bus depot, belonging to the NZH company, was closed in 2006 and then the Public Transport Museum was moved to a new, restored place. The most recognizable museum object in Haarlem is the old blue tram A327, belonging to Tramweg-Stichting, which was built in 1913. He served the inhabitants of Haarlem until 1948, then he was transferred to the tracks in Leiden. From 1981 we can admire the tram at the Nzh Vervoer Museum.



NZH Transport Museum map
A. Hofmanweg 352031 BH Haarlem, Netherlands