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Fort Tigne

Local name: Forti Tigne

Fort Tigne was built in 1793-1795 to protect the entrance to the port of Marsamxett. It was equipped with 28 guns of various caliber and 12 mortars. Fort Tigne was one of the first fortifications in the world with a polygonal outline, with the bastions' fronts protruding characteristically. The building, which has been deteriorating since the late 1970s, was renovated in 2008, and gardens and walking paths were built on the defensive slopes.

Already at the beginning of the 15th century, the fortification of the Tinge stood on the fortified observation tower. The peninsula was an important point of the siege of Malta in 1565 - the Turks installed a battery here to fire Fort Saint Elmo. The idea of building Fort Tigne originated in the 17th century, but work began only in 1793, for fear of the French invasion. Five years later, the stronghold underwent its baptism of war when Napoleon's army invaded Malta. After two days of defense, the French entered the fort.

During British rule, Fort Tigne was an important military facility. In the 1920s, barracks were established in the vicinity. Currently, residential skyscrapers stand in their place.


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