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Villa Rundle Gardens

Local name: Ġonna ta 'Villa Rundle

Villa Rundle Gardens was built on an experimental farm, founded during British rule. The purpose of the farm was to raise the level of agricultural and breeding culture in Malta and Gozo. The current garden is a place of rest and recreation. In addition to the centrally located fountain, it has its own aviaries and a small amphitheater adapted for intimate concerts and ceremonies.

Villa Rundle Gardens consists of four parts, corresponding to four seasons - their character was reflected by the appropriate selection of seedlings and flower colors. We also find a herbarium, or a fragrant herb garden. The garden's offer also includes an incentive to plant your own tree or shrub - the only condition is the commitment to later care for the plant.

Established in the early 20th century, the garden was created thanks to the kindness of British Governor Sir Leslie Rundle. The governor left the island before the end of work, but his services were commemorated in the name of the garden.


Attractions inside

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