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Wall walkway

Local name: Passaġġi tal-ħajt

Located inside: Cittadella

Citadella Walkway is a walking route running through the walls of the Citadel (Cittadella or Citadel), which is a small, strongly fortified medieval city that is currently located in the center of Rabat (Victoria) on the island of Gozo. Walking along the fortifications we can see the most interesting objects of the Citadel, which was placed on the Maltese preliminary UNESCO World Heritage List.

The most interesting objects on the route are primarily defensive buildings: the bastion of St. Michael, half-bastions of St. Martin and Saint. John, nadszaniece and remains of rawlin. The oldest element of the fortifications is the semicircular defensive center on the northern side of the Citadel, dated to the 15th century.

Inside the fortifications, the temples deserve special attention (Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Chapel of St. Joseph, Chapel of St. Barbara) and museums - natural and folklore, decorated in former residential buildings from the beginning. 16th century


Attractions inside

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