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Boscoincittà Park

Local name: Boscoincittà

Boscoincitta is a city park covering an area of about 110 hectares. It is often called the "green lungs of Milan". On its territory there are numerous trails for mountain biking enthusiasts, as well as walking paths and picnic areas. Bicycle rental and barbecue facilities are also available.

Park Boscoincitta is part of the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano - a protected green area covering the south and south-east of Milan. Its purpose is to preserve, protect and develop the natural and historical heritage of the Padan Lowland.

The forest part of the park is almost twice as large as meadows and glades, there are also numerous streams flowing into a small lake. In the central part lies the ancient Cascina, which is the seat of the park authorities and housing the library.


Attractions inside

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