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Aosta is the capital of the Aosta Valley region, one of Italy's most famous ski areas. It is located in the Alps, surrounded by peaks reaching up to 4 thousand. m above sea level and boasts a nicely preserved historic buildings and many restaurants and bars.

The city was founded in Roman times and its oldest monuments come from this period. These include The Arch of Augustus, the ruins of the theater which are beautifully illuminated in the evening, and the remains of the city walls with the Porta Pretoria gate.

The city center is built up with historic buildings mainly from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Among them, there are two churches, the Sant'Orso collegiate church with a crypt from the 8th century, and the Romanesque Notre Dame cathedral. It was rebuilt during the Renaissance and its façade is decorated with beautiful polychromes.

The big attraction of Aosta is the possibility of direct access to the Pila ski resort. It can be reached by cable car, which takes about 20 minutes. The trip is very scenic, and you can admire the magnificent alpine scenery both from the cable car and from the vicinity of the upper station.

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