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Saint George of Serbian Orthodox church

Local name: Szent György nagyvértanú szerb ortodox templom

Orthodox church of St. George's in Budapest is a temple belonging to the Serbian Orthodox Church. On the wall that surrounds it, there is a mosaic depicting Saint. George fighting the dragon. A decorative gate in the style of Zopf (a variety of German Baroque and Classicism) leads to the church grounds. Inside the church you can see, among others iconostasis from the mid-nineteenth century by the Greek artist Karlo Steria.

The existing baroque church was founded in the early eighteenth century on the foundations of a destroyed medieval church. It was built by Serbian settlers who fled the Turks. The temple was designed by András Mayerhoffer. It represents the traditional layout of the Orthodox church with a separate section for women. In 1838, all of the church's equipment was destroyed in the flood, which is why all the elements currently visible in the church come from the mid-nineteenth century or later.


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