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Gibraltar is a British dominion located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. It occupies a small peninsula, which is separated from Africa by 20 km strait. The mighty Gibraltar Rock and the city at its feet are located on less than 7 square kilometers.

A small piece of land like Gibraltar has been of strategic importance since ancient times. Control over him guarantees control over entering the Mediterranean basin. For centuries, numerous wars were fought for the peninsula, and ultimately it belonged to Great Britain since 1713.

Most of the cape is covered by the majestic Gibraltar Rock. At its peak, from which there is a great view of the countryside and with good visibility to the African shore of the strait. You can get to the top by cable car or on foot.

Berber magots live on the rock, the only wild monkeys in Europe that are the symbol of Gibraltar. In its slopes there are adits dug as part of the military fortifications and the Cave of St. Michael.

The southernmost point in Gibraltar is Europa Point. There is a monument dedicated to General Władysław Sikorski who died in a plane crash off the coast of the peninsula.

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