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Wittelsbacher fountain

Local name: Wittelsbacher Brunnen

The Wittelsbach Fountain is an object dedicated to one of the most distinguished noble families, whose representatives sat on the throne of Bavaria for seven centuries. Wittelsbach Fountain is the largest and considered the most beautiful fountain in Munich. It was built in 1893-1895 according to the design of the sculptor Adolf von Hildebrand.

The fountain was to be the crowning achievement and solemn completion of the Munich water supply system. A design competition was announced, but none of the concepts was considered worthy of implementation. Von Hildebrand, who sat on the selection board, withdrew from its composition. In the second round of the competition, he submitted his own project, which was unanimously selected for implementation.

Among the numerous sculptural elements of the fountain, the two largest are allegorical: the statue of a young man casting a stone is a symbol of the destructive force of the water element - a nymph placed on the opposite side with a cup in his hand is a symbol of the beneficial properties of water.


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