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Theatine church

Local name: Theatinerkirche

The Theatinerkirche is a church of the Theatines, who were brought to Bavaria in the mid-18th century. XVII century. The monastery and church were founded on the initiative of Ferdinand Maria Wittelsbach and his wife Henrietta Adelaide as a votive offering for the birth of the successor, the future prince-elector Maximilian II Emanuel. The construction was carried out in the years 1663-1690.

The design of the temple was ordered from Bologna architect Agostino Barelli, and the construction was supervised by theatines, father Antonio Spinelli. Theatinerkirche was modeled on the church of St. Andrea della Valle in Rome - the mother temple of the Theatines. The rococo shape of the facade, preserved to this day, is due to the reconstruction from 1765–1768, which was carried out by the court architect of the Wittelsbach family, François de Cuvilliés the Elder.

In the crypt of the church, as in the church of St. Michael and St. Mary's Cathedral, there are graves of the Wittelsbach family, including Saint Roman Emperor Charles VII of Bavaria (died in 1745).


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