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The Treasury of Residence

Local name: Die Schatzkammer der Residenz

Located inside: Munich Residence

The Treasury (German: Schatzkammer) is one of the most interesting exhibitions of the Munich Museum of the Residence, where masterpieces of goldsmith art are presented. One of the most valuable and best known exhibits of the collection is the horse statuette of Saint designed by Lambert Sustris. George, which was founded in Munich around 1590, for which a separate room was allocated.

The vault collects not only gold items, but also other precious materials - silver, ivory, precious stones and porcelain. An extremely valuable part of the collection is a huge collection of royal crowns, among which is the crown of Princess Blanka, daughters of the King of England Henry IV and Bavarian crown jewels from the beginning. XIX century

Among the most valuable exhibits are the miniature cyborium of Arnulf, Prince of Carinthia from the end of the 9th century, and the cross of Gizela, the Hungarian queen. In addition to the royal insignia, you can admire a rich collection of cups, mugs, caskets, candelabras, clocks and portable altars, which are outstanding achievements of the German Renaissance applied art. Particularly noteworthy is the platter cut out in a mountain crystal framed in gold by Holbein.


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