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Antiquarium Residence

Local name: Antiquarium Residenz

Located inside: Munich Residence

The Chamber of Antiquities, commonly known as Antiquarium, is one of the 130 halls of the Residenzmuseum (German Residenzmuseum), located in the former residence of the Bavarian kings. The Antiquarium, established in 1568-71, is the oldest, Renaissance part of the residence complex, which has a collection of antique slaughter (mainly busts).

Jacopo Strada, an Italian painter, architect, collector and art dealer, advised Prince Albrecht V (1550-1579) to build a hall to display his antique collections. The buildings were designed and supervised by Simon Zwitzel. The largest (66 m long) north of the Alps a Renaissance hall, whose name comes from the presented works - antique sculptures. The son and successor of Albrecht V, Wilhelm V (1579-1598), during his travels to Rome and Venice, used to buy entire collections of sculptures. He bought Andrea Loredan's collection - a total of almost 250 sculptures and busts, for which he paid a fabulous amount of 7 thousand. florins.

During the reign of William V, Antiquarium was changed into a richly decorated banquet hall. His successor Maximilian I commissioned another reconstruction (fireplaces and portals were added) and thus gave the hall its final shape, preserved until today.


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