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House of Art

Local name: Haus der Kunst

House of Art is currently a gallery of contemporary art that organizes numerous temporary exhibitions, educational activities and meetings with artists. It is located in a building designed at the request of Adolf Hitler by Paul Ludwig Troost (1878-1934) as Haus der Deutschen Kunst (House of German Art). The opening of the building on July 18, 1937 was combined with the opening of the famous "Great German Art Exhibition".

The propaganda exhibition presents art approved by the Nazis. The next day, a presentation of 650 paintings entitled "Degenerate Art" (Entartete Kunst). Its purpose was to stigmatize "degeneration", i.e. dadaism, cubism and expressionism.

Today's House of Art was also a place to celebrate "2000 years of Germanic culture" organized in 1939. A colorful film documenting this event has been preserved.


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    Prinzregentenstraße 180538 Munich , Germany