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Local name: Feldherrnhalle

The 19th-century Marshal's Hall in Munich is a monumental loggia modeled on the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence. The building is decorated with rich sculptural decorations. Nowadays and at the beginning of its existence, it was a tribute to soldiers, it served as propaganda during Nazi time.

The Marshal's Hall was built in the years 1841 - 1844 in the place of an earlier gothic gate. He was commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria to celebrate the tradition of his army. It was a symbol of the Bavarian army's honors, represented by the statues of two military leaders Johann Tilly and Karl Philipp von Wrede, by Ludwig Schwanthaler.

The sculpture group of Ferdinand von Miller was added to the interior of the monument after the Franco-Prussian war, representing the victory over France and the unification of Germany. The lions are the work of Wilhelm von Rümann, created on the model of the Medici lions of Loggia dei Lanzi.


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