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St. Mary's Cathedral

Local name: St. Marien-Dom

Domkirche St. Marien Kindertagesheim is a Neo-Roman Catholic church, known as St. Mary's Cathedral, which was built in 1893. He was elevated to the rank of cathedral in 1995 by Pope John Paul II. It happened on the occasion of the restoration of the archdiocese of Hamburg after 1100 years. Her patron is Saint. Oskar (801-865), whose reliquary is in the church.

Noteworthy elements of the interior design of the church are, among others Neo-Roman stone baptismal font and mosaics made in 1922-1923 by Eduard Goldkuhle, who modeled on the famous work of Jacopo Torriti in the papal basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. St. Mary's Cathedral is the only church in Germany that has a columbarium.

The 1995 papal visit is commemorated by a statue of John Paul II - the work of the Polish sculptor Józek Nowak. The artist is known for carving wood using a chainsaw. The Pope's monument was made of one oak trunk, and then was cast in bronze. The unveiling took place in 2007.


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