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Main Church of St. James

Local name: Hauptkirche St. Jacobi

St. James's Church is one of the five main churches in Hamburg. It presents the brick Gothic style and is one of the best preserved medieval buildings in the city, despite war damage.

A bell tower measuring 125 meters adjoins the temple. The interior of the church is full of monuments, such as three cabinet altars (the altar of the Holy Trinity, St. Peter and St. Łukasz) from the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries, famous organs from 1693 or the 19th-century red marble baptismal font.

Noteworthy is the Hall of Dignitaries, which was originally a library and then a meeting room for the clergy. On the walls of the room there are coats of arms depicting pastors and church dignitaries from the 17th century. The interior is also decorated with paintings on the ceiling, depicting allegories of middle-class virtues, and landscape paintings covering the walls, painted by Johann Moritz Riesenberger.


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