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Church of St. Gertrud

Local name: Ev.-Luth. Kirche St. Gertrud

The Church of Saint Gertrude is a Protestant-Lutheran nineteenth-century temple. The building presents a neo-Gothic style. It has an 88-meter bell tower near which there are Lutheran oaks, planted here for the 400th anniversary of Lutheranism in homage to its creator.

The parish itself exists since 1580, but as a result of the Great Fire in 1842 the building burned down completely. The new church was built in the years 1882-1886 according to the ideas of the well-known artist, Holstein Johannes Otzen. Due to the coherent and detailed architecture, the building is considered one of Otzen's best works and a successful example of the Neo-Gothic from the Wilhelm era.

As a result of World War II, the facility suffered further severe damage, which, however, was repaired over the next twenty years.

It is interesting that in the church tower kestrels regularly nest, which was the reason for the delay of renovation work in this part of the building.


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