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Bismarck monument

Local name: Bismarck Denkmal

It is the tallest and most famous monument of Otto von Bismarck in the world. It measures 34 meters and weighs 625 tons. The monument is a tribute to the Empire and a symbol of the ambiguous relationship between the first Chancellor of Germany and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

The monument was built in 1906 modeled on a traditional Hanseatic statue symbolizing market law, justice, freedom and prosperity. To this day, such idealization by Bismarck is met with criticism from the natives.

In terms of the symbolism of individual parts of the monument, not everything is exactly explained. The granite figures at the foot of the chancellor symbolize Germanic tribes, but the purpose of the extensive catacombs surrounding the monument is unknown.
The coin also features frescoes, coats of arms (including the swastika and Black Sun) and Bismarck quotes.


Attractions inside

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    Seewartenstraße 420459 Hamburg , Germany