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Humboldt Forum

Local name: Humboldt Forum im Berliner

Located inside: Museum Island

The Humboldt-Box is a futuristic building of the temporary headquarters of the Humbold-Forum - a future exhibition and science complex. The building has five floors, is 28 m high and has an area of 3,000. m2. During the 50 days after the opening, which took place on June 29, 2011, Humboldt-Box was visited by 100,000 people. Construction disassembly is planned for 2019.

The Humbold-Forum is to house the headquarters of the City Museum, the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, the Ethnology Museum, the Museum of Asian Art as well as the Berlin Central and City Library and the Humboldt University. Currently, it serves as an exhibition space, has a cafe and restaurant, and viewing platforms.

The Humboldt-Box pavilion is a steel structure supported on piles driven into the ground. It is covered with a glass coating equipped with numerous multimedia systems. The object attracted a wave of criticism. Tagesspiegel called the Humboldt-Box an "architectural monster in galactic proportions."


Attractions inside

    Humboldt Forum map
    Schloßplatz 110178 Berlin , Germany