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Saint-Malo is a popular resort on the English Channel and in the past one of the main French ports. It is famous for its well-preserved fortifications and nice sandy beaches.

The beginnings of the city are connected with the Maclo monk, who founded a fortified monastery here in the 6th century. In its place, a port settlement developed over time, which became the seat of the bishop in the 12th century. It is from this period that the most valuable monument of the city comes, the Romanesque cathedral of St. Wincentago.

Fortification of Saint-Malo began from the 12th century. Today, the mighty city walls are over one and a half kilometers long, and a walk along their crown is one of the biggest attractions. You can also visit the National Fort built in the 17th century, Saint-Malo Castle, which now houses the City History Museum and the Ethnographic Museum and the Aleth Fortress. During World War II it was used by the Germans, which is reminiscent of the monument standing here.

The showcase of Saint-Malo is the white sand beach of Sillon. At the foot of the city walls is the Bon Secours Beach with a seawater swimming pool. Due to the high tides, it is possible to reach the nearby island of Grand Be during low tide. A popular tourist attraction is also the Saint-Malo Aquarium, which breeds animals from seas around the world.

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