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Pointe du Grouin

Local name: Pointe du Grouin

A rocky headland protects the entrance to the Mont Saint-Michel bay. It consists mainly of igneous rocks that reach 50 m in height and descend steeply towards the water. There are walking paths here, from which you can observe the picturesque panorama of the coast and the water hitting the rocks. The name of the headland refers to the green-turquoise color of the water.

There is a station on the headland from 1861. Initially, it was to monitor the movement of ships, but now it serves mainly as a meteorological station and exhibition space.

There are 60 plant species, mainly heather varieties, in the cape. In the immediate vicinity of the headland, there are two islands, which are the nesting area for cormorants, geese and gulls. A little further, you can see a white lighthouse built on another rocky island.


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