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Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a Basque resort that French kings liked in the past. It has wide, sandy beaches and picturesque buildings with eighteenth and nineteenth century guesthouses, tenements and palaces.

The city of Saint-Jean-de-Luz developed until the 17th century as a fishing settlement on the coast. Due to the proximity of the Spanish border, it was repeatedly destroyed as a result of wars and invasions. His Golden Age began in the seventeenth century. It was then that the marriage of King Louis XIV with the Spanish infant Mary took place here. The place of the wedding was the Gothic church of St. John the Baptist. A reference to the king's stay in the city is the House of Louis XIV, which in fact belonged to one of the local merchants and the monarch only used it during his stays. Also the main square of the city is called Louis XIV Square. In turn, the property of Maria Teresa was the late Renaissance Infanta House.

The wide and sandy Beach Saint-Jean-de-Luz, along which leads the Jacques Thibaud Promenade, attracts most tourists. At the Old Town there is the Port Saint-Jean-de-Luz, where fishing boats and excursion boats are moored. Around there are many restaurants and bars that specialize in fish and seafood dishes. The historic Saint-Jean-de-Luz Market Hall is a good place to shop for groceries, including seafood.

The city and its surroundings are ideal for long walks. Cape Pointe de Sainte-Barbe and Cliff Sainte-Barbe are popular walking destinations. From this place you can admire both the picturesque coast and the more distant Pyrenees. The botanical garden in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, located on the seashore, is also extremely picturesque with plants typical of the Basque Coast.

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