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The city of Biarritz

Local name: La ville de Biarritz

The seaside resort is located on the Bay of Biscay off the Atlantic coast. Due to the picturesque beaches and proximity to the ocean, it is a popular place among lovers of water sports, mainly surfing. Every year, the international Biarritz Surf Festival takes place here. Within the city there are also a dozen or so places classified as national and cultural monuments.

You can visit a museum dedicated to the art of the Far East, a historical museum and a maritime museum, which has 24 aquariums for seals, sharks and other sea animals. Families with children can go to the Chocolate Museum, where they learn the history of its production and the secrets of modern production.

Of the religious buildings, two are worth paying special attention to. The first is the Chapelle Imperiale seaside chapel built in 1864 for Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. The second is a nineteenth-century church, initially intended mainly for Russian aristocrats.


Attractions inside

    The city of Biarritz map
    Avenue Edouard VII 1264200 Biarritz , France