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Paris Zoological Park

Local name: Parc Zoologique de Paris

The Paris Zoological Garden is located in the Vincennes Forest. About 1,000 animals belonging to over 150 species live here. In addition to the catwalks, the zoo has terrariums, a dark pavilion for observing night animals, and ponds on which you can ride boats.

The Zoological Garden was founded after the Colonial Exhibition of 1931, where animals of exotic species were presented. It was one of the first zoo in Europe without bars. The paddocks were separated from the visitors by means of moats. This trend is maintained until today.

The entire zoo is divided into six zones: Europe, Patagonia, Madagascar, Guyana, Sudan and Sahel. Here, among others, hippos, tigers, lions, giraffes, as well as flocks of flamingos live, which are among the garden's biggest attractions. In pavilions and aviaries, birds, reptiles and amphibians, as well as night animals are presented. The area of the zoo is also treated as a park with resting places and boat marinas at the ponds.


Attractions inside

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