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Bercy Park

Local name: Parc de Bercy

Bercy Park is one of the youngest in Paris. It was founded in 1995. It consists of three parts - lawn shaded by plane trees, a French garden with a labyrinth, a rosarium and a pergola, and a romantic park with a picturesque pond.

The park was created in a place where in the past there were warehouses for wine and spirit. The goods were delivered here by railway siding. To commemorate this time, old railway tracks were left in the alleys. Individual parts of the park refer to historical garden arrangements that could be found in Paris.

Lawn trees shaded with plane trees are a place to rest, games and plays. The French gardens located nearby are modeled on the former suburban and urban residences of aristocrats. Ornamental plants, vegetables and herbs grow on equal, trimmed with hedges. In turn, the romantic park, to which you go by footbridge over Dijon street is a place of rest and reflection. This part of the park looks the most natural and is similar to a grove.


Attractions inside

    Bercy Park map
    Quai de Bercy 12875012 Paris , France