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Menagerie - Zoo

Local name: La Ménagerie, le ZOO du Jardin des Plantes

The Zoological Garden in the Jardin des Plantes has existed since 1794. It is a small facility in which mainly small animal species are bred. You can see orangutans, little pandas, Przewalski's horses or takina.

During the French Revolution, animals from the private zoo of Louis XVI were moved to the already existing Jardin des Plantes. It became the beginning of one of the oldest zoos in Europe. In 2008, the facility was closed and subjected to extensive renovation. Opened again in 2014, it fits beautifully into the park's surroundings.

Due to the small size, there are no large paddocks on the Manager, which could have elephants or hippos. It is a place for smaller species that feel perfectly surrounded by the lush vegetation of a botanical garden. Reptiles and amphibians were placed in the classical building of the herpetarium. You can also admire the former, neo-Gothic elephant-shaped rotunda.


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