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Arab World Institute

Local name: Institut du monde arabe

The Arab World Institute in Paris is an institution dedicated to Arab culture. The building received prestigious architectural awards: Silver Square Award in 1987 and Aga Khan for 1987 - 1989. The northern facade faces historic Paris, symbolizes the relationship with the old town, the southern facade contains traditional motifs of Arab geometry.

The building was designed by a group of architects Jean Nouvel and Architecture-Studio, who tried to create a synthesis of Arab and Western culture. The building was built to improve diplomatic relations between France and the Arab countries. The institute was inaugurated by President Mitterrand in 1987.

The Arab World Institute runs museum activities. There are permanent exhibitions on the Arab-Islamic world, the expansion of Islam to India, Iran and Turkey, and the Arab world before Hegira. Temporary exhibitions show the heritage of Arab countries from prehistoric times to the present day.


Attractions inside

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    Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard, 175005 Paris , France