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Temple of Diana (Rendezvous)

Local name: Rendez-vous - Dianin chrám

The temple of Diana is one of the buildings located in the park in Valtice. It is a hunting palace in the Empire style, whose appearance is modeled on the Roman triumphal arch. The facade is decorated with mythological reliefs.

The hunting lodge was built between 1810 and 1812. It was designed by the creator of a large part of the buildings in Valtice and Lednice, Josef Hardmuth. The pavilion is hidden among dense greenery. It was a place where hunters rested while hunting. Traditionally, breakfasts were held in the upstairs room before leaving for the hunt.

In relation to the palace, in addition to the Temple of Diana, the goddess of hunting is also used the name Randez-vous. It indicates that it could have been a place of secret meetings. The pavilion refers to ancient buildings. The arch decorated with columns is crowned with a room that can be taken from the outside as a classical attic. In fact, this is the main hall where social gatherings were held.


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