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Great Synagogue

Local name: Velká synagoga

The Great Synagogue was built at the end of the 19th century. Carries Neo-Roman and Neo-Moorish features. It is a building covered with a gable roof, with two towers at the main facade. The interior with multi-storey galleries is covered by a vault decorated with polychrome. There is also a carved Aron ha-Kodesh.

The Great Synagogue in Pilzno is the second largest synagogue in Europe and the third in the world. It was built in the years 1890-1893, when the Jewish community in Pilzno was one of the most numerous and richest in Austria-Hungary. This huge prayer house with two 60-meter towers was to emphasize. However, due to the fact that they would exceed the nearby church of Saint Bartholomew, eventually towers with a height of just over 20 meters were built. They are crowned with onion-shaped helmets and spiers with the Star of David.

The interior of the synagogue is covered by a cross vault, supported on pillars supporting internal balconies. They are decorated with stars and symbols of the sky placed on a navy blue background. Aron ha- Kodesz is surrounded by a neo-Romanesque, carved portal and alcoves with plaques covered with quotes from the Torah. The synagogue is currently used as a concert and exhibition hall. In the side part there is a small prayer room.


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