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Dino Park

Local name: DinoPark Plzeň

DinoParkPlzeň is the oldest amusement and education park in the Czech Republic. The park was established in 2003 as a combination of a nature trail using the latest technologies.

On the area of 3 ha, there are several dozen static and mobile models of life-size prehistoric animals. The largest of them is the 23-meter apatosaurus model, the so-called Mesozoic giant. The park has more than 30 scenes depicting the environment of dinosaurs from over 65 million years ago. Since 2006, DinoPark has been the owner of a rare plant, Noble Volemia, discovered in 1994. Previously, plants with similar morphological characteristics were known only from fossils from 175 million years ago.

The park is ideal for a family trip. An additional attraction of the park is a pond with a waterfall and a children's playground with slides.

PlezeńskiDinoPark is located right next to the zoo in Pilsen. During the visit, you can use the common entrance to both facilities.


Attractions inside

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    Pod Vinicemi 9301 16 Pilzno , Czechia